Sun & Moon & Saturn

To begin at any beginning is rather like Wittgenstein’s comment that “a mathematical point is just a place to start an argument,” except he might (just as well) have said ” a postulation.” For me, I’m taking another look at the association of Sun, Moon and Saturn, in my Natal Chart, being on the cusp of the 10th and 11th Houses, making of them the mixed messages that accompanied my childhood. Likewise my Rising Sign (Gemini, by dispersing Information) and my Sun Sign (Pisces, dispersing Dreams & Visions) and both coming under the category of ‘mutable.’

Yes: I’m being very personal, here; but this is all to do with arousing the curiosity to go seeking your own Whys and Wherefores. With Gemini being my Ascendant came a need to discover connections, to raise rather more questions, than answers; to keep on searching until I find a crack to slip through. With Sun, being the Sign I was born under, came the urge to find that kind of light. And with my Moon being a companion, came the hint that I was both seeking the ‘end’ of something, as well as a ‘new’ beginning: which, pretty much fits in with my being born under a New Moon; as well as being made to take stock of the four dreams reminding me of ‘unfinished business,’from the past.

With Saturn sharing both Sun and Moon’s territory brought the kind of ‘clash’ that was to need much investigation: and that came from the very different personalities of my mother and father. Normally (whatever this means) Moon represents Nurture, Protection, Boundaries and Bonding, while Sun oversees Austerity: and a particular lesson in Pisces by encouraging self-mastery and both spiritual and creative discipline.

I’m thinking about Astrology as the most useful way of practising ‘Introrse,’ although it’s more associated with Botany, meaning ‘facing inwards, turning towards the axis:’ and ‘axis ‘meaning ‘ a straight line around which a body, or a geometrical object rotates.’ In the Visual Arts (in which Astrology may be placed) it’s an imaginary line, to which elements of the work are referred for measurement or symmetry. And, by thinking about Botany, it’s possible to consider human beings in a similar way: ‘form. function, ecology, and economic importance’ if we add the ‘evolutionary possibilities of the ‘spiritual;’ which means taking a look at the sign ruling our Ascendant. For me, that’s Gemini.

Sometimes, along that long voyage of discovery, the sudden appearance of an ‘answer’ is eminently satisfying when it comes, as proof, that you’ve been steering in the right direction: and it was by re-reading Sasha Fenton’s book ‘Rising Signs,’ that I got my validation about my early childhood REALLY feeling very much as though I was something of an ‘Orphan Child,’ although they were well and truly manifested in my marriage, with its strong sense of alienation with my ‘adopted’ family. I’d coped, well enough, with my feelings of an apparent ‘worthlessness,’ before then but (as ‘what’s for you, will not pass you by’) they were to become an object lesson in gaining a very different perspective. Which, when you come to muse on the value of astrology, is what It’s all about.

To Begin at The Beginning

There was a time, as there is for all of us, when we took our first step from being a Spiritual being, by taking on the role of a Human one: and into our first vibration in the universal energy field. Practice makes perfect so, even though we will get stuck, the potential still carries on into future lives. The secret, as with most things, is to find a balance: and to learn from what didn’t ‘work,’ the last time. In each of our lives there is a need to follow what was best summed up by Socrates: “Know Thy Self; the unexamined Life is not worth living.”

Astrology has an uncanny way of discovering what we learned, in past lives; and what we, still, have to learn. Coming into this World, with memories of four previous Lives (and having spent much of this one, delving into what had a need to be addressed) I speak from experience.

So, if you are curious to discover the Who, What and the Why of You being here, I’m available to help you chart your way through your Past and Present challenges, enabling you to face your Future Life with more confidence. This comprehensive Reading is excellent value, at £49, including postage.

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Whatever it was I came to do

If I could turn back Time, and actually Be There, I’d head straight to the  Fifties: and begin again.
And, that would be the time when I’d not keep silent, when faced with some of the Opinions that some were still attempting to corral us Newcomers with: and I‘d be a Rebel with a Cause: in a very open way.

Actually, this is what I do, from time to time, when I take my Self back to where it all began: and watch myself pick up the threads I’d been born with, imagining I’m weaving them into a different design.
Not too different, but just enough not to leave any loose ends.
As for the Sixties, on a personal level, I’d keep it much the same; but, on the political level-well, that‘s a very different matter, and much more sinister.
That was when They had already sensed the incredible influx of Energy we were being gifted with (surfing in, on the waves of music) as something that would threaten their power.
They‘d dived in, at the beginning (wild parties/swimming pools. working class girl friends; hedonism) as some of us were sensing that we were being given opportunities to go seeking spiritual knowledge.
And others, every which way, delving into what seemed like a very large Sweet Jar.

And that was when They did (what they always do) by giving us enough rope to (just about) hang ourselves.
Which was what, too many, of us did, when we began to surf on the kind of Intemperance and Indulgence eventually, leading to the kind of disorientation They need to gather Us in.
The Sixties was a Time to Find a Different Way into the Best of Times.
Had we the intelligence to understand it was a gift; and had we all been able to hitch a ride on that incredible wavelength, we might have done it.

Right now, in the 2020‘s  we‘ve been given another Wake Up: and we, still, could: if we open our eyes.
Those who set about converting World into a Comic Strip existence, don’t have Its best interests in their hearts, and minds.+
And those of us, who go seeking temporary satisfaction in trivialities, are wasting the greatest gift that we humans are granted can, ever, be granted: a Life on a Planet of Possibilities.

There’s one very big question that, every one of Us, will be asked to answer, at some point: “ What did you make of your Self, in this Life: and what was your legacy?“

Audrey Yeardley Intuitive Tarot Reader

As an Intuitive Tarot Reader, in this present Life, I’m continuing to develop what I was drawn to, in ancient Mystery Schools. My work is based on the words of Socrates: “Know Thy Self: the unexamined Life is not worth living,” and with personal evidence of Reincarnation, my Readings lean towards both an understanding, and the completion of ‘unfinished business” for, within each ‘Challenge’ is a Lesson to be learned.

An Astrological Natal Chart is the grand design of what we came to learn, in any given life: being charged with the knowledge we have gained, in previous Lives. If you would like me to prepare a comprehensive package of Reports, on various aspects of your Chart, please get in touch. I am available for Phone Readings, now that our travelling is rather curtailed.

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Things we’ve forgotten

I was fortunate to become aware of Mediums, Seers and Sensitives when I was very young, being attracted by their light.
It’s something that all children have, this innate knowing that someone either has “it,” or not.

If you’ve ever become aware of babes in their pushchairs giving you that special Look, you‘ll know exactly what I mean.
They’re checking you out. I remember doing much the same, myself.
Dogs and Cats also know these things.

In some ways, as each generation comes and goes, we leave much, of what I will call Earth Knowledge, behind. It’s instinctive, and it protects. I’m sad about that.

When I was a child I ran around in what seemed like a Garden Country. Sometimes, I was alone and happy enough as I looked about me and feeling closely connected to Mother Earth.
Sometimes, we ran in almost feral packs, responding to our collective consciousness this way and that; peering and seeing before swooping over paths almost hidden by hedgerows and wild plants but revealed to us by an innate navigation system.

In the same way, we instinctively knew when it was time to seek out berries and stems filled with succulent juices, when tiny creatures were at the point of being born, when we would discover something rather wonderful.
Whenever school ended, given the season and the weather, we’d be gathering like a gypsy tribe, following our own rules, and freed from the shackles that adults liked to place on us.

When danger threatened, as it sometimes did, when those best avoided crossed our paths most of us were protected by guardian angels, unless some of us were having a very bad day.
Nothing’s perfect but I remember enough of magic moments to recognise that the majority of us dwelled in The Kingdom of Childhood.
Every so often some of us became aware of other dwellers in other kingdoms, having extraordinary freedoms, philosophies,  and knowledge.
For me these were epitomised by the Gypsies, the voices emanating out of the Wireless; and the Mediums.
I couldn’t have wished for better mentors.

The gypsies moved in mysterious ways, not always predictable; sometimes travelling on a whim but always reappearing when  work like hop picking or potato gathering was on tap.
In the winter months they would be whittling branches into mock chrysanthemums, painting them in bright reds and yellows or making scraps of lace, unless they had managed to buy it, factory-made, to sell to the naïve.
And, then, there was the Fortune Telling, their annual calls to their customer bases.

I liked the Gypsy Woman who came to us, plying her trade. Sometimes my mother would invest two shillings in a having her cards read, which may have engaged my early interest in such things; and me, eavesdropping.
I read, in the kind of scientific article I much prefer (with a willingness to take on board such thing) that a child brought up in a dysfunctional household is more likely to develop our latent psychic gifts, than one reared in a conventional one.

I will vouch for that, because it was via my mother‘s emotional
Volatility, and her frequent visits to Mediums, that had me learning from them, for future reference: as I also learned from the Gypsies.
Many years later, when I was experiencing of those ’challenges’ that, every so often, emerge from the Grand Design of our Lives, it had been two very different ones (one, who’d crossed over a busy London Street; and another who was living in a caravan, parked outside my house, when I was living not far off from Appleby-in Westmorland, in the weeks of its Gypsy Fair) who had said, pretty much the same words: that I was repeating a lesson I should have, already, learned.
Quite right, too!

Sometimes, I think about my childhood and how I was allowed to run wild and free; and how beautiful was our countryside.
Right now, many of Us have other lessons to learn: and much of that is associated with protecting Mother Nature.
As well as recovering ancient wisdoms, in Its ways of Healing.
My father was one who had a natural instinct for how certain foods would bring relief from some minor ailments. I like to think that, somewhere along the ancestral line, there was Gypsy Blood.
And I’m honouring that, now.

Previous Plagues

Apart from a recently discovered very strange creature that makes its home in sediments, at the bottom of the oceans, every living creature in our World has a need to breathe.
And it’s both our first and last breaths that we will find the most taxing, when we either emerge (as humans) from our mother‘s womb: or from an egg, or from any of the wondrous ways by which we are born because it‘s
the shallowness, and irregularity of them, from the sudden changes in our lungs and the taking in of oxygen; their having to accept the circulation of our own blood: and our bodies realising that we are in and alive (or out, and about to leave) the World.

As far back as the times of Aristotle, Air was considered to be the most important element for our survival: so how has it got to this, where millions of Us are breathing in its pollution, caused by the business interests of the Few; and stuck?
I read somewhere that Statistics are the last refuge of the emotionally insecure, but they have their uses like: how many breaths does the average human being take?
On average, it’s 16 every minute; 960 every hour; 23,000 daily and (if we are lucky to live for 80 years) we’ll have inhaled 672,768,000- sharing them, with everyone else, on the planet.

If we’re lucky our lungs will stay relatively healthy, for our bodies have been well-designed to cope with quite a lot of contingencies; but, if we choose to damage them, by smoking, that will add to the damage caused by the lack of a corporate responsibility about air quality; and which needs to be addressed by All of Us.

Viruses are another matter, because of the sheer volume of their numbers, and varieties, there being millions of them, “with more structural diversity than plants, animals, archaea, or bacteria, although only 5000 types have been described in detail, even though the NCBI Virus genome data base has more than 75,000 sequences.” (this taken from Wikipedia sources) as is: “In January 2018, scientists reported that 800 million viruses, mainly of marine origin (ten million of which can be measured in a teaspoon of seawater)  are deposited, daily, from the Earth’s atmosphere, onto every square meter of its surface, as a result of a global atmosphere stream of viruses, circulating above the weather system.”

I’ve had the time to think about a Lot more Things, in my time of ‘Self Isolation’- as all of Us should be doing: and my Thought s have turned to Viruses; and why they exist in such incredibly large numbers. Still, I sometimes think that, about Humans.

But, it was Viruses which came first, long before humans, being encoded (for their own mysterious reasons) and which we, probably, have had to contend with, long before historical records began.
And it’s fascinating to read that many Researchers are tending to regard the ones that have identified, as having very different personalities; or, should that be viralalities?
Why not, when they’ve been described as being “bags of genetic material; left over bits of DNA?”
And, now being recognised as being a part of both human and animal neurons: and a significant development in the understanding of the Brain’s Thought Processes?

Two independent teams from American Universities have discovered a gene that’s crucial for learning (they’ve christened it ‘Arc) is capable of sending genetic material to another, in ways commonly devised by Viruses.
There’s much to be learned in its role in the Brains; ability to store new information;, but I’m sure they’ll get there.
I know nothing of the ethical standards which individual Viruses might possess; but I do know that there are rather too many human beings who don’t have any at all, when it comes to their own interests.

Did Darwin ever consider their ways, in matters of Evolution, I wondered-now that I‘ve got more time to think about Things?
It seems not; for it was forty years, after his death, that they entered into our awareness, as being as much an evolutionary force, we are.
Something to note, when most will involve them challenging our respiratory systems: and every breath we take.
And the rather scary thought that they might be watching Us!
Just like that song.

And, just one example, adding to the misery of those who live in places like Kabul, currently rated as having the World’s worst air pollution, leading to well over 26,000 fatalities each year, largely down to the very old vehicles and the very cheap fuel that powers them; and certainly not helped by the numbers of bombs dropped over Afghanistan, during their frequent times of War.
As to Countries; it’s China, America, India, Russia and Japan who are the top worst-rated ones, which is giving Viruses quite a challenge, if you ask me.
And, when I’d pondered over that is when I began to think about just when it was that humans started to pollute Planet Earth.

My information came from the World Economic Forum (an organisation that the average reader won’t be drawn to) and their research into what happened after the Spanish defeated the Incas, in 1532, and began the colonisation of South America.
Who’d have thought it that the Smelting of Silver would have precipitated the lead found in low quality ore, by grinding it into the powder that became airborne (long before Henry Ford invented the first car) initiating other noxious emissions that contribute to Asthma, and to a lack of quality, in what keeps us alive.
What is rarely considered (and it should be) is how weapons of War are, increasingly creating havoc in what surrounds us. The invasion of those Spanish Conquistadors led to the disappearance of around 15 million Incas; and they a largely peaceful nation (give or take the odd human sacrifice to appease their gods) as well as the first record of poisoning our atmosphere but (even so) Bows and Arrows. Swords and Lances being deadly enough, never coming close to what has been conjured up, by mankind, in the ways of killing each other with bullets and bombs (even in their most simple form) embedding themselves, in the air mass, even before chemical and nuclear pollution.

And, for what, if not for the indiscriminate destruction of very one of the species that dwell on this remarkable planet?
Something that Viruses can do very well.
So, what a sweet revenge it would be for Gaia, to get the job done, more quickly, by conjuring them up, every so often: anything to get us thinking about how precious Life is!
Which brings me  to China, in Circa 3000 BC when, with no mercy for any age or gender, a vast area was wiped out by plague, never to be inhabited again: even though it is of interest to Archaeologists.

The thing is (something to think about, for those of us who do this, in self-isolation) if all of Us were to suffer a similar Fate, who would there be left, to explore the reasons why?
Human Beings have a tendency to think We are at the Top of The Evolutionary Chain: well, maybe, it’s not a matter of Entitlement, but something we have to earn?
Just a Thought!

And, here’s another: the word ’Arc ’ carries more than a hint of a new direction. Strange that Covid 91 might well be a harbinger: that (although it’s taking many from the World) it’s not an Ending; just a part of our journey, to more understanding about how we all tick?