Sun & Moon & Saturn

To begin at any beginning is rather like Wittgenstein’s comment that “a mathematical point is just a place to start an argument,” except he might (just as well) have said ” a postulation.” For me, I’m taking another look at the association of Sun, Moon and Saturn, in my Natal Chart, being on the cusp of the 10th and 11th Houses, making of them the mixed messages that accompanied my childhood. Likewise my Rising Sign (Gemini, by dispersing Information) and my Sun Sign (Pisces, dispersing Dreams & Visions) and both coming under the category of ‘mutable.’

Yes: I’m being very personal, here; but this is all to do with arousing the curiosity to go seeking your own Whys and Wherefores. With Gemini being my Ascendant came a need to discover connections, to raise rather more questions, than answers; to keep on searching until I find a crack to slip through. With Sun, being the Sign I was born under, came the urge to find that kind of light. And with my Moon being a companion, came the hint that I was both seeking the ‘end’ of something, as well as a ‘new’ beginning: which, pretty much fits in with my being born under a New Moon; as well as being made to take stock of the four dreams reminding me of ‘unfinished business,’from the past.

With Saturn sharing both Sun and Moon’s territory brought the kind of ‘clash’ that was to need much investigation: and that came from the very different personalities of my mother and father. Normally (whatever this means) Moon represents Nurture, Protection, Boundaries and Bonding, while Sun oversees Austerity: and a particular lesson in Pisces by encouraging self-mastery and both spiritual and creative discipline.

I’m thinking about Astrology as the most useful way of practising ‘Introrse,’ although it’s more associated with Botany, meaning ‘facing inwards, turning towards the axis:’ and ‘axis ‘meaning ‘ a straight line around which a body, or a geometrical object rotates.’ In the Visual Arts (in which Astrology may be placed) it’s an imaginary line, to which elements of the work are referred for measurement or symmetry. And, by thinking about Botany, it’s possible to consider human beings in a similar way: ‘form. function, ecology, and economic importance’ if we add the ‘evolutionary possibilities of the ‘spiritual;’ which means taking a look at the sign ruling our Ascendant. For me, that’s Gemini.

Sometimes, along that long voyage of discovery, the sudden appearance of an ‘answer’ is eminently satisfying when it comes, as proof, that you’ve been steering in the right direction: and it was by re-reading Sasha Fenton’s book ‘Rising Signs,’ that I got my validation about my early childhood REALLY feeling very much as though I was something of an ‘Orphan Child,’ although they were well and truly manifested in my marriage, with its strong sense of alienation with my ‘adopted’ family. I’d coped, well enough, with my feelings of an apparent ‘worthlessness,’ before then but (as ‘what’s for you, will not pass you by’) they were to become an object lesson in gaining a very different perspective. Which, when you come to muse on the value of astrology, is what It’s all about.

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