Emerging from the Dream

Because I began to have four dreams, when I was four years old, and which repeated themselves every so often, until, I was around nine, a study of Past Lives was to become one of my pursuits in this one: as well as Astrology and Divination. But, first, I had to work through the ‘unfinished business’ indicated by the brief fragments of myself as four different women, in four very different lives.

Three of the dreams involved three different men.The fourth one was concentrated on the ‘Me’ I was then. When I was sixteen, coming up to seventeen, I got the signal that began the long journey towards their resolution. It was to take fifty seven years, before that mission was completed. And, believe me, I never, ever, want to take up that kind of challenge, ever, again.

Then again, I’m so very glad I did because just as my inner voice had said (when I re-met the first man in the first dream) “Well. You have a choice. You can either walk away and have the kind of life, most people would think of as a ‘happy’ one: or you can stay. You won’t always be happy, but you will learn a lot; and become a better person,” by taking the latter one, that’s exactly what did happen.

A major part of that decision had been to keep a promise I’d made, in the last moments of one of those lives. Actually, every one of those lives had been about keeping promises but, when I was making the last one, I’d known I was going to regret it: and that’s exactly what was to happen, in this life. ‘What’s for you, won’t pass you by,’ is an old saying that carries many grains of truth.

If you check out Dreams and Past Life Memory/Psi Encyclopaedia you’ll discover some excellent sources which will lead you to others. What I experienced were ‘flashbulb memories,’ with each of them seeming to be a brief clip from a longer reel. Each of them ran like a silent movie but, when words were being spoken, I somehow picked up what they had been, as though I was reading from sub titles (except for when I’d been given a choice) when they’d come, loud and clear from my Inner Voice.

And, as that Inner Voice is transmitted on a very different frequency from everyday thoughts, clearly identified by its authoritative tones, there’s no quibbling about it’s importance. When I was around seven years old It used to suddenly ‘take over,’ and begin to issue advice (through me) to someone I’d found myself close to. Not the kind of thing you’d expect from a seven year old and. always a surprise to me. Looking back, I’m thinking it was a practice run for the psychic work I was to do, in the future: but not before I’d had to work my way through that ‘unfinished business,’ as a very necessary apprenticeship.

And by listening to it, as I found myself struggling through some very dark territory, It was to give me some very necessary navigation.

“People may doubt you, but never doubt your deep, inner, call; inner voice, and inner strength.”

Amit Ray

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it by living someones else’s.”

Steve Jobs

“TOLD YOU SO,” Sincerely, Your Intuition”

Intuition is the Whisper of the Soul

I heard the Voice of mine, as I was born and, intermittently, until It let me know I was about to Go It Alone. “Every one of You has to do that, from time to time ” It said, “but when you need Me, I’ll be here.”

And so it Was.

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