What’s For You Won’t Pass you By.

Well, it won’t, if The Fates have anything to do with It- the It that will be the Story of your Life- as they go about the spinning, allotting and destined end days woven into your uniquely personal web.I was a baby, lying in my pram,and observing a spider begin to work on the bridge thread of its web, just before it started on the meticulous weaving.of an incredibly beautiful design. And that was when I had my first Thought: “So, that’s how we do it.” When I was around four years old, sitting opposite my grandmother, in front of a warm fire, she had suddenly said: “What are we going to make of you?” And that was when I had thought: “What am I going to make of myself?”

When I was Five, and watching the marvelously complex film, ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ I’d become intrigued by the way the images that were being carried to the screen,in a narrow swathe of ;light from the Projectionist’s space, and being transposed ‘the right way up;’ and thinking: “So, that’s the way They do it!” For me, that meant our stories had somehow been created from Somewhere Else, and we had come here, to live them, in the World. When ‘Dorothy’ sang her song: “Somewhere over The Rainbow,” came the a strong feeling that ‘back there,’ was Home. Sorted! I had no truck with Sunday School, after that.

Actually if Clotho, Lachesis and Atrophos are doing their work, properly, what’s for you won’t pass you by: even for the gods, because Fate defines events as being ‘inevitable and unavoidable.’And I’ve thought, quite a lot about this. over the years as I wandered among the threads, making choices that seemed casual enough, on their surfaces, but so very influential to where they led me. Even the slightest difference in the time we do things, a sudden decision to have a coffee in a different cafe, a crossing of a road, at a different point, spotting something that seems very significant, in an advertisement, or missing our usual bus; they are all part of the grand design: and all to be understood, when we see it laid on the wall, as if it was a tapestry, composed of experiences and their memories.

Every so often, as I was growing up, I’d find myself feeling rather like someone sitting on a fence, watching the World go by, and wondering what it was that was going to make me make a move? And with this, with my Intuition hovering about me, waiting for the Message. That was to come, when I was sixteen coming up to seventeen and (by following its navigation) led me through the experiences that my Inner Voice ‘told ‘ me that wouldn’t. necessarily, bring me a lot of happiness but, from which I’d learn a lot, and become a ‘better person.’ A tall order, for one so young, but one that I took up as a major project. If I’d known, then, how long it would take (and been able to see what emotional impacts they would would bring) I think I would have demurred. As it was (and is) I have them to thank, for making me the ‘Me’ I am, today.

The Big Thing is, of course, that when we have come to our relinquishing of a life ‘this time around,’ we’re going to have to take another personality on board, in future ones: so where does that leave the other ones? I got an inkling of how that might work, when I took myself to a three-day workshop on ‘Soul,’ in Sedona (led by Mitchell Gibson) and imagined that Souls actually create the kinds of individual personalities that serve their purpose of understanding what it’s like to be a human being; a bit like laying many different eggs, and us ‘hatching’ them, according to our own karmic needs. Right now, that’s enough for me to think about but (I dare say) in future lives I’ll be off on a modified tack, when Soul has created another of It’s ‘Me’s.’ I’d recognised four personalities as different personifications of former ‘Me’s,’ in the dreams I’d had, as a young child; but it was harder to do that in the two part life regressions I’d investigated, via another consultant. Still, that has been no problem when I’ve felt a strong sense of connection to particular places, ‘knowing’ that I’ve been there, before; but not knowing who I’d been, then.

I’d begun to teach myself to read, at the precociously early age of Three, to get at what I considered to be the ‘necessary information,’ for understanding what Life was all about; and I have to thank my Dad for giving me the money for the many books that I’d found, as we wandered about the Markets, on Saturday mornings. In this way (although I was some way off, in their understanding) I discovered books by Plato, Encyclopedias, and various Philosophers: and, for the most part, feeling more ‘at home’ with what the more ancient ones were passing on (particularly Plato and his mentor, Socrates) which, naturally, had led me into Ancient Greek Mythology so that (after many years, when I finally managed to get to Greece) it was, truly, a ‘Coming Home’ experience for me.

We’re in What If territory, here, if we consider what designs are necessary for each individual, coming to a new life, then Clotho, Lachesis and Atrophos have as much authority (and artistry) as any; for they hold the records of each and every one that we have lived-and what we have a need to address, in future ones-and could well be in cohorts with Soul, Itself.

Another big question is: ‘How do we know if we have a Soul connection?” I’ve borrowed this from checking out Soul’s connection to the Fates but it, surely, fits into the whys and wherefores of my either choosing, or not choosing, to take a relationship further, on a very personal level. ‘You can feel a significant change in your inner landscape, which often reflects in your outer circumstances. They change your life on a very profound level; and (as you interact with them) you sense that you’ll never be the same again.’ And you KNOW.

In 2013, I KNEW that I would never,ever put my Self into any of those, still outstanding, spiritual challenges I’d taken on board when I was sixteen, coming up to seventeen:and that information was coming from the depths of my Soul. There’s no gainsaying there won’t be others, as I make my (hopefully) merry way into future ones: but (also from It’s depths) is the encouragement that comes from gaining the strength that I could have achieved in any other way. Something to think about, when You next fill your glass with wine: Salute all the One’s who made You, who You are, now.

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