Astrology DNA: another way to decode our personal evolution?

The investigations into the ancestry of ‘celebrities,’ has led to a growing interest in sites advertising our own historical connections, albeit more brief and not, necessarily, linking us to ‘personalities,’ unless we undertake further research. Nonetheless, getting to know who we are is, probably, the most important task we will ever pursue in a lifetime: and. Socrates’ dictum: “Know Thy Self: the unexamined Life is not worth living” are, probably, the most memorable words he ever spoke.

For me, they were the ones that sparked my enduring interest in Astrology, and Reincarnation: as well as the pursuit of the meaning of the four dreams that ‘haunted’ my childhood. And, even though I’ve taken many a course, it is more from my self-taught studying that I gained the most knowledge-mostly from diving deeply into challenging circumstances to the point of going where some angels ‘might fear to tread. ‘ And duly noting that ‘stubborn’ and ‘wilful’ are, sometimes a by-product of ‘determination’ and ‘tenacity:’ and this down to the fact that my present Life Path Number is Eight, and much about tying up Karmic loose ends, and being guided by the hard-won lessons from past ones.

Having watched a Zoom presentation by Mark Gober, and intending to buy his book ‘An End to Upside Down Thinking,'” it consolidated my own, on out-worn Paradigms, still being accepted and taught in Universities: and the total acceptance of ‘holy’ books that, still, so dominate Religions. In this 21st Century (but with so many more preceding it) and those who question them, regarded as ‘heretics,’ there’s even more research that should be brought into the light about just WHO WE ARE, as HUMAN BEINGS, getting down to a serious study of our unique composites and a shift towards a greater Consciousness. It’s as much a personal voyage of discovery as a collective one, because every one of Us has to make it, before We are reading to move on, and through.

Those incredibly complex strands of the double helix transmitting genetic information contain many more mysterious connections, still to be unravelled, and I’m thinking that Astrology is one of the ways in which it may be encoded so that we may access the Whys and Wherefores of the How we got to be Who we are. Yet one more Reason to live long enough, to get more Answers!

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