It’s a big concept to take on board-this All of Us being interconnected-when we come with ancient history, that’s both universal and personal; and most of us not remembering where we were, before we came.

This was a big problem for me, when I was very young (not feeling at home with where I was) and seeking clues in ancient illustrations from the very big encyclopaedias I found in our local public library. Which is why I’d taught myself to read at the precociously early age of halfway through my third year, back on Planet Earth. And which, probably, set me on the quest of studying Astrology, as I gazed at the Moon, on transcending beautiful nights, asking Her Quite a Lot of Questions. For me She has, always, been a comforting presence on what seemed like a very long journey.

It’s said that the Akashic Documents are the only records that hold , Records are the only ones that hold the stories of every one of Us. on this challenging voyage, across time and space (in a series of Incarnations) that are, currently, heading to nine billion but, still, finding it extremely difficult to find answers to questions that were being asked thousands of years ago, by many Philosophers.

Socrates was such a one; and when an Athenian Court took umbrage at his beliefs ( and his increasing influence on the young) about the immortality of the Soul, rather than renouncing them, he chose to drink hemlock; and thus shaming his accusers, into perpetuity.

This is Delphi, which is where so many of my past life memories emerged from, haunting the dreams of my early childhood; and where they were reconciled in 2013. And it was such images that had me feeling so very homesick, when I came across them, in those bulky books.

Socrates never visited the Oracle at Delphi, although (when his friend Chaerephon did) an answer to his question about who was the wisest man was answered, unequivocally,with the word: “Socrates.” And which had him trying to refute that response, as a challenge, for the rest of his life. Still, what he did say, was to be passed on by Plato:

“The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing.” “There is only one good, knowledge; and one evil,ignorance.”

And something that made an indelible impression on me, when I first read it, being inscribed over the portal of the Temple of Apollo: ‘Know Thy Self: the unexamined Life is not worth living.”

It was Plato who said: Opinion is the medium between ignorance and knowledge. If a man neglects education, he walks lame, to the end of his life. Books give a Soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination; and life to everything.” And, yes, I took that on board, as well! and taking Things VERY personally when I read about the destruction and pillaging of the Library of Alexandria. There’s a nineteenth rendering of it, by the German artist O. Von Corven which reminds me of the Furniture Mart that my Dad would let me roam, seeking books in much the same way those toga-clad bibliophiles are doing amongst the scrolls, roughly estimated at 10.000 books: and recognised as being the largest and most significant Library in the Ancient World.

And, what made me every more cross, was reading that its ‘daughter’ Library was vandalised and demolished, under a decree issued by the Christian Coptic Pope, in 391 AD. I’m wondering how many of those were, eventually, to make their way into the Vatican’s Vaults?

Right now, and many years later (from my own rebellion towards this heinous act) my small cottage is beginning to look rather like this. And when I read about the far too high levels of Illiteracy, all over the World (even in so-called ‘developed’ Societies) those words from Plato become even more relevant.

And if we REALLY take on board the concept of Reincarnation, being given the Gift of a Life in which to bring forward, whatever we’ve learned in our previous ones, SURELY we should both be accessing the knowledge that other consigned to scrolls and books: and adding the notes (rather like a musical script) that we brought with us, adding to the voices of the Universal Choir?

The Poet, Roy Fisher (now, sadly deceased) gave me permission to use his poem: “When They Stopped Singing,” when I had my own programme on Skye’s Radio Aros; and it being So very relevant to my Thoughts, here it is:

Why They Stopped Singing

They stopped singing because they remembered why they had started

stopped because they were singing too well

when they stopped they hoped for a silence to listen to.

Had they sung longer the people would not have know what to say.

They stopped from the fear of singing for ever.

They stopped because they saw the rigid world become troubled

saw it begin composing a question.

Then they stopped singing while there was time.

Recently I both watched, and listened to the superb National Youth Orchestra playing Debussy’s ‘Daphnis and Chloe’ and began to muse on what our World’s Orchestra might sound like, if only we found a way to assimilate every one of the major and minor notes that were given to us, at the moment of our creation.

Something to Think About.

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