To Begin at The Beginning

There was a time, as there is for all of us, when we took our first step from being a Spiritual being, by taking on the role of a Human one: and into our first vibration in the universal energy field. Practice makes perfect so, even though we will get stuck, the potential still carries on into future lives. The secret, as with most things, is to find a balance: and to learn from what didn’t ‘work,’ the last time. In each of our lives there is a need to follow what was best summed up by Socrates: “Know Thy Self; the unexamined Life is not worth living.”

Astrology has an uncanny way of discovering what we learned, in past lives; and what we, still, have to learn. Coming into this World, with memories of four previous Lives (and having spent much of this one, delving into what had a need to be addressed) I speak from experience.

So, if you are curious to discover the Who, What and the Why of You being here, I’m available to help you chart your way through your Past and Present challenges, enabling you to face your Future Life with more confidence. This comprehensive Reading is excellent value, at £49, including postage.

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