Whatever it was I came to do

If I could turn back Time, and actually Be There, I’d head straight to the  Fifties: and begin again.
And, that would be the time when I’d not keep silent, when faced with some of the Opinions that some were still attempting to corral us Newcomers with: and I‘d be a Rebel with a Cause: in a very open way.

Actually, this is what I do, from time to time, when I take my Self back to where it all began: and watch myself pick up the threads I’d been born with, imagining I’m weaving them into a different design.
Not too different, but just enough not to leave any loose ends.
As for the Sixties, on a personal level, I’d keep it much the same; but, on the political level-well, that‘s a very different matter, and much more sinister.
That was when They had already sensed the incredible influx of Energy we were being gifted with (surfing in, on the waves of music) as something that would threaten their power.
They‘d dived in, at the beginning (wild parties/swimming pools. working class girl friends; hedonism) as some of us were sensing that we were being given opportunities to go seeking spiritual knowledge.
And others, every which way, delving into what seemed like a very large Sweet Jar.

And that was when They did (what they always do) by giving us enough rope to (just about) hang ourselves.
Which was what, too many, of us did, when we began to surf on the kind of Intemperance and Indulgence eventually, leading to the kind of disorientation They need to gather Us in.
The Sixties was a Time to Find a Different Way into the Best of Times.
Had we the intelligence to understand it was a gift; and had we all been able to hitch a ride on that incredible wavelength, we might have done it.

Right now, in the 2020‘s  we‘ve been given another Wake Up: and we, still, could: if we open our eyes.
Those who set about converting World into a Comic Strip existence, don’t have Its best interests in their hearts, and minds.+
And those of us, who go seeking temporary satisfaction in trivialities, are wasting the greatest gift that we humans are granted can, ever, be granted: a Life on a Planet of Possibilities.

There’s one very big question that, every one of Us, will be asked to answer, at some point: “ What did you make of your Self, in this Life: and what was your legacy?“

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