Audrey Yeardley Intuitive Tarot Reader

As an Intuitive Tarot Reader, in this present Life, I’m continuing to develop what I was drawn to, in ancient Mystery Schools. My work is based on the words of Socrates: “Know Thy Self: the unexamined Life is not worth living,” and with personal evidence of Reincarnation, my Readings lean towards both an understanding, and the completion of ‘unfinished business” for, within each ‘Challenge’ is a Lesson to be learned.

An Astrological Natal Chart is the grand design of what we came to learn, in any given life: being charged with the knowledge we have gained, in previous Lives. If you would like me to prepare a comprehensive package of Reports, on various aspects of your Chart, please get in touch. I am available for Phone Readings, now that our travelling is rather curtailed.

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