I have a memory, from a long way back of lying in my pram and looking up at the Moon; and thinking (yes, I DO remember thinking) that, whatever my Life was going to be all about (this time around) as long as I could keep seeing Her, then all would be well.

But, even then, with the knowing that, sometimes, it wasn’t going to be.

It was my father who pointed out some of the Stars in the night sky: the Milky Way, the Plough (with its mysteriously other name of the Pleiades (representing Seven Sisters) and Sirius; and this getting me back to a knowledge of Astrology, long buried in my memory.

This amazing star cluster, which can be seen from most parts of our worldly globe, has been regarded with a particular significance since the most ancient of times; and with myths originating in most of ancient cultures. Rites, accompanying Halloween, originated from the Druids who believed the veil, dividing the Quick and the Dead, was at its thinnest at midnight. Nowadays, and following on from manufactured religious systems, these (and SO much more) has been vandalised, misinterpreted and manufactured into self-serving rituals, bearing little relevance to Spiritual Truths.

What is missing from so very much in our lives is a Sense of Awe for the incredible diversity in the Universe, and an Awareness of being given the gift of a Life, to explore the reasons for being here.

Rodin’s statue of ‘The Thinker’ is, unfortunately. not one that will resonate with every one of Us, even if they got an opportunity to stand in front of it. Thinking is something that each of Us has to grow into, develop, and trust that it will get us to as truthful a place as we can, in one lifetime.

I don’t know who first said: “When we think a thing, the thing we think is not the thing we think we think, but the thing we think we think we think.” But they touched on something very important in why we think the way we do: and the need to examine what we might have taken on board from the opinions of others, the manipulation of the thoughts of others; and not trusting our own (and very personal) need to get to the heart of The Thing.

And that’s why looking up to the Moon and the Stars is a very good place to begin.

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